Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter LO for DT

Well today, I guess I am sharing 2 new LOs.....thank you blogger for not posting for me last week lol.  I still want to share though, because i just love this little LO.

Easter Bunny Time!!!

Well I wanted to post a double LO I did using the Easter Bunnies Collection from My Scrap Chick. I love their designs and they are super easy to use.

Easter at my house is a BIG deal. I have 4 little ones so its as much fun for me and my husband as it is for them. This year my oldest son who is 8 gave up candy for lent....and candy is his most favorite thing ever! He has been so strict with himself and I am so proud of him. I bet that means the Easter Bunny will bring him lots of candy, even though I will tell him not to over do it on the candy like I do every year :)

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