Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I am Starting A New Adventure!

Well I am pretty excited to share my new blog with all of you.  I hope whoever stops by will find it somewhat inspiring and amusing.  

For some info:  Scrapping In Heels started because I have two GREAT hobbies that I love.  
1) Scrapbooking of course!  I love playing with paper.  I do have to admit that I am mainly a SVG user and not much into the Cricut cartridges.  I do most of my cutting on my Cricut ( even though my sweet husband bought me a Cougar Black Cat....I know even I am hanging my head in shame....I just never figured out how to use it :(  So if you know any good tutorial sites out there to help me end my ties with Mr. Cricut, I am all ears!)
Anyway...back to what I was saying. I love doing all sorts of stuff with paper and I love trying new things and techniques so I hope we can learn some neat ideas from each other.

And my second hobby is

SHOES!  I love shoes, I love all shoes, I have shoe soup on the bottom of my closet and boxes upon boxes of shoes all over my house!  My husband guesses that I have over 400 pairs, not counting the two big boxes of them in the basement I never unpacked after we moved in :)

So along with some of my paper creations, I will also share some of my favorite shoes, or they might end up being not so favorite after I wear them hehehe.  I hope you enjoy my little part of the blogging world, I am excited to see where this adventure could lead.

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