Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas Banner Swap

So today I wanted to share with you my letters for a Merry Christmas banner swap.  One of my friends Lestina came up with the idea and put it together.  I love this swap idea.  I had to make the letters H and A...(obvious I know considering your looking at the pics)....but we had to make them 11 3/4 long and fit to page.  We could decorate however we wanted but my backgrounds had to be dk green with a 4 inch letter in cranberry.  Lestina let us all know what color our main background had to be for each letter.

We all voted on our colors.  The choices were the traditional red and green, blue and white, and the dk green and cranberry.  I think all would have been beautiful!  

Well I hope you like my letters, they were fun to make, I will post pics of the whole banner when I get it back.  

So does anyone else scrap banners for the holidays?  I have never hung one before or even made one so I was excited to participate and try something new.  Share pics of your banner or some banner hanging tips if you have any :)

Thanks for spending time with me today,

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