Friday, November 29, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Hop Day 5!

Welcome back!!!  I hope you have been having fun and hopping with us throughout all 5 days now!  If you came here from Deb's blog than you are in the right place.  :)  If you are lost and want to start at the beginning you can head back to Lisa's blog and start there.
I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving!  I am so lucky I have my sister here with me :)  She lives in Indianapolis and I am up here in Michigan so I am glad she made the drive with her 2 babies :)  With that being said I made today's project after we had dinner and she decided she was going to help.  First I will show my picture.  Its a tic tac cover from Treasure Box Designs.  These are adorable!!!
The whole collection is just so cute!  I will definitely be making more of these!  Now even though my sister is older and a great artist her scrapbooking abilities are awful lol 
Here is my sisters creation

 Awe I love her anyway :)  silly woman keeps saying its because its the hat that makes hers look different, that and the tic tacs weren't in it.....ummmmm NO!

Hope you all have fun hopping along with us and I will see you all tomorrow!
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  1. Theresa, your snowman is just sooooo cute. He looks stately, like he has a purpose in life --- to give out Tic Tacs. :-)

    Your sister's snowman, on the other hand, is adorable. He looks windblown and the wind prob. blew his li'l Tic Tacs away! :-)

    TFS and putting a smile on my face!!! :-)

  2. What a lovely snowman and the idea of a tic-tac container is so clever; your sister's snowman is equally darling - TFS!

  3. Cute snowman box - love how you can see the treats in his belly.
    Your sister's snowman is pretty cool too.
    isoscia at aol dot com

  4. How cool is this - I am a snowman freak so loving it! Nice job adding the tic tacs Gail utb01 @ att dot net - email no spaces

  5. very nice snowmen! fill up with some yummy mints!

  6. Do we need to separate you two???? Just kidding - both are very sweet!!!

  7. Your candy holder is adorable!! Thanks so much for sharing... You sister needs a little practice lol.

    racincrafts at aim dot com

  8. Cute project! I too like snowman. =) Enjoy your sister!!


  9. LOVE this tic tac cover! Great job!


  10. Cute snowman!

  11. Great way to use TicTacs!!! Wonderful snowman too and you have to love sisters! :)

  12. love it!! been meaning to make these!!

  13. Ha! Ha! Your sister's looks like it is in the middle of a huge gust of wind! They are adorable!